Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have long been an effective way to replace missing teeth and we are happy to offer this restorative procedure at TOOTHDOCS. If you are looking to improve your smile, we are here to help!

What Is A Dental Bridge?

Simply put, a bridge restores a natural smile by replacing teeth that are missing. The reason that it is called a bridge is because a bridge of replacement teeth is anchored to the existing teeth. The high-quality replacement teeth fill the space that has been left empty by the loss of one or several teeth. Once the bridge is in place, the restored set of teeth present a natural, beautiful smile. Not only does this bridge make a brilliant smile, but it also anchors the remaining natural teeth in their place. If missing teeth are not replaced, eventually the bone structure in the empty space can deteriorate and dissolve. This can cause health problems and make speaking or eating more difficult.

The Process

The first step in the dental bridge process is for the dentist to build supports for the bridge by using existing, natural teeth. Once the supports have been established, a mold is created for the area where the bridge will be placed. Our lab then uses this custom-created mold to create a bridge specifically designed for you. A properly prepared bridge should feel as natural as your real teeth. The last step is for crowns to be placed at each end of the bridge in order to keep the bridge in place.

Often your dentist will create a temporary bridge for you to use while your permanent bridge is being fabricated. It is important for you to use this temporary bridge as it will protect the supports that your dentist created for your permanent bridge. During this time, the temporary bridge will also be used to protect your exposed gums where the teeth are missing. This temporary bridge also means that you will be able to smile with confidence while you are waiting for that permanent bridge. Once your permanent bridge is at our office, we will call you to set an appointment for the permanent bridge to be placed.

When your bridge is first placed, you will want to be careful with the foods that you eat, especially while your mouth is healing and adjusting. Before long, your new bridge will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Eventually, you will forget that the bridge is there at all.

Interested in dental bridges? If so, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait, if you live in the Roslyn, NY area, call us today!

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