Root Canals

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment commonly used to preserve original teeth, avoiding bridges and implants.This option is often used at TOOTHDOCS as a preferred method to prevent the extraction of an infected tooth.

Every tooth in your mouth has a center made of pulp. When the pulp in your tooth becomes infected by decay, it can affect the entire tooth. The possible causes of this infection can include cracks or chips in the tooth, trauma to the tooth, extensive decay, or repeated dental procedures to the same tooth. The infection is often revealed by symptoms including swelling around the infected tooth, extreme temperature sensitivity and excessive pain.

The Process

Your dentist will begin a root canal by removing the diseased pulp from the center of your tooth. Once the tooth is completely cleansed of infection, it will be medically sealed. A crown will then be placed on the tooth as a seal and a protection against future infection. Root canal treatments are successful approximately 90% of the time.

During the consultation portion of your visit, the dentist will let you know if a root canal treatment is the best option for you to preserve your original tooth. The treatment will be performed under local anesthetic and is often complete in one visit. You may occasionally need to return for the placement of a permanent crown. The local anesthesia will eliminate most of the discomfort associated with the procedure and you should be able to return to your normal schedule that day.

If you have a tooth that is causing you problems and you live in the Roslyn, NY area, contact our office to set up an appointment! Our highly trained dentists will examine your teeth and determine whether or not a root canal could benefit your smile.

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