At TOOTHDOCS, we are pleased to offer the most advanced dental technology to help reach all of your smile goals. This technology can make treatments more effective, treatment times shorter, procedures less painful, and aesthetics more satisfying.

Air Abrasion

Nobody likes the drill at the dentist’s office! Air abrasion is a modern technique which allows the dentist to remove small areas of decay from a tooth. It is also used for a variety of other similar procedures.The power is generated by compressed air, bottled carbon dioxide, or nitrogen gas. A small stream of abrasive aluminum oxide particles hit the tooth surface at high velocity and remove the decayed areas of the tooth. As the particles of decay are removed, they are suctioned away from the tooth by a small tube.


Diagnodent makes use of a fluorescent laser to locate cavities which are hidden away beneath the surface of the patient’s teeth. When cavities are discovered early more treatment options are available, and a greater part of the natural tooth can be preserved. This treatment uses a light and there is absolutely no radiation exposure to the dentist or patient.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography works in a manner similar to the traditional x-rays. Just like with film x-rays, a sensor is placed into your mouth to help the dentist capture images of the teeth and bone structure. However, with digital radiography, digital sensors are used to produce higher quality images of your teeth, gums and bone structure.


Icon is a revolutionary method for treating incipient caries. Caries is simply a technical term for dental decay. Icon fills and reinforces these areas of decay without the use of unpleasant drills and anesthesia. Many patients have minor imperfections on the surface of their teeth due to issues including demineralization, trauma and poor oral hygiene. Previous treatments for this required uncomfortable shots, unpleasant drillings, and restorations of resin or porcelain. Icon is an innovative way to address these imperfections without the invasive procedures. This hour-long treatment will coat the surface of the tooth with a special resin that bonds to the tooth. The tooth is then polished, creating a fresh new smile.

To learn more about the technology that we offer and you live in the Roslyn, NY area, give our office a call! We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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